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Unlock the Hidden Gems of Aotearoa with a Surprise Kiwi Adventure!

Kia ora, adventure seekers! Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey throughout our beautiful Aotearoa? Great Kiwi Trips presents the captivating Surprise Kiwi Adventure, designed exclusively for those who call this land home. Get ready to rediscover the magic that surrounds us as we unveil hidden gems, breathtaking landscapes, thrilling experiences, and cultural treasures that await you on this unforgettable expedition. In this article, we'll explore the surprises that await you as you embark on this extraordinary adventure.

9 silhouettes of people jumping at the same time in front of a rainbow of lights after dark.
Your Surprise Kiwi Adventure might be revealed after dark at The Clock Tower, The Square, Palmerston North

Embracing the Element of Surprise: Think you know New Zealand like the back of your hand? Think again! A Surprise Kiwi Adventure will challenge your perceptions and take you on a voyage of discovery within our own backyard. With an element of surprise at every turn, you'll find yourself immersed in new experiences and uncovering hidden wonders that you never knew existed. Leave your expectations behind and embrace the excitement of venturing into the unknown.

Reconnecting with Our Remarkable Landscapes: Aotearoa's landscapes are renowned worldwide for their awe-inspiring beauty, and a Surprise Kiwi Adventure ensures that you get to witness the best our country has to offer. From rugged coastlines to majestic maunga (mountains), pristine moana (lakes) to dense ngahere (forests), each surprise destination will leave you spellbound. Rediscover the magnificence of our natural wonders, capturing moments of sheer splendor that will reignite your love for this whenua (land).

Snow-capped Aoraki Mount Cook commands attention, peaking high above the clouds and over an empty highway
You'll say "pinch me" when you realise Aoraki Mount Cook looks even better in person

Embracing our Cultural Heritage: Our nation's cultural heritage is as diverse as the landscapes that grace our shores. A Surprise Kiwi Adventure invites you to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of our tikanga (customs) and kōrero (stories), enabling a deeper connection with our cultural roots. Engage with local characters, witness Kiwi hospitality, and gain a profound appreciation for the unique cultural heritage that defines us as people.

two lambs get intrigued by the person behind the camera lense, and pose for a photo in a field with a blurred background
A couple of curious-yet-friendly 'locals'

Thrills and Adventures Aplenty: For those seeking an adrenaline rush, a Surprise Kiwi Adventure will not disappoint. Aotearoa is renowned for its thrilling activities, and this expedition will introduce you to a series of heart-pounding adventures. Prepare to conquer the heights with exhilarating hīkoi whakapapa (alpine hikes), paddle through roaring awa (rivers), explore picturesque maunga (mountains), or soar above stunning landscapes on a helicopter ride. Brace yourself for an array of surprises that will leave you feeling alive and invigorated.

A guide points out glowworms on the cliffs of a canyon to 2 double hulled kayakers filled with onlookers wowed by the amazing scenery at dusk
Kayaked before? Seen a Glow Worm? Why not combine these experiences into one awesome evening with Waimarino.

Savouring the Flavours of Our Land: Aotearoa's culinary scene is a true delight, and a Surprise Kiwi Adventure ensures that you indulge in the finest local flavours. From succulent kaimoana (seafood) to farm-fresh produce, from traditional Māori delicacies to modern gastronomic creations, each surprise destination will tantalise your taste buds and showcase the culinary prowess of our nation. Discover new tastes, savor local specialties, and appreciate the kai (food) treasures that make Aotearoa a food lover's paradise.

A young woman smiles from inside a food truck bakery stall, as she passes some produce out to a smiling couple to try before they buy
You definitely won't go hungry when you visit The Nelson Markets on Saturdays

Creating Unforgettable Memories: A Surprise Kiwi Adventure is not just a journey; it's an opportunity to create lifelong memories right here in our own whenua. From the excitement of the surprises to the breathtaking landscapes, cultural immersion, thrilling adventures, and delectable flavours, each moment will be etched in your memory for years to come. Rediscover the wonders of Aotearoa and create unforgettable experiences that celebrate our extraordinary homeland.

A Surprise Kiwi Adventure is your exclusive invitation to explore the wonders that await you within our own whenua. Great Kiwi Trips invites you to step out of your comfort zone, embrace the element of surprise, and embark on a remarkable journey of rediscovery. Unveil the hidden gems, immerse yourself in our cultural heritage, seek thrills in adventure, and indulge in the flavours of our land.

Let a Surprise Kiwi Adventure reignite your passion for Aotearoa and remind you of the magic that lies right at our doorstep.


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