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  • How much advance notice do you need to plan my trip?
    When you're planning your trip, the timing can depend on a few factors. If you're traveling during the high season, we recommend providing as much notice as possible for the best availability. For a low-stress itinerary planning process, we suggest allowing 4-6 months to plan your trip. While we typically require at least 21 days to plan your trip, we have been able to accommodate requests within this timeframe depending on our current workload. Contact us to discuss your options and we'll do our best to create a trip that meets your needs.
  • What on-trip support do I get?
    You get access to your Kiwi travel designer's phone number, email and WhatsApp contacts during your New Zealand trip, which means we are here for you 24/7! Past examples of clients using on-trip support include: Please cancel/change our dinner reservation My son is suffering motion sickness, can you direct me to the nearest chemist/drugstore? We need to do laundry, what are nearby options? Extremely wet weather has made our plans to be outdoors on a hike tomorrow look like a bad idea. Can you update tomorrow’s itinerary to include an indoor activity instead. The road we were to travel on tomorrow we've found out is closed due, can you please suggest an alternative driving route. We've been caught up in an earthquake. What do we do? We heard there’s a great concert on tomorrow night. Please get us tickets while we are out today if you can, and have them ready at the hotel front desk for pick-up. Our trip to Milford Sound has been cancelled due a road closure, what should we do now?
  • Do you have ideas for trips with children?
    As a team of "big kids" ourselves, we know how to make sure your family trip to New Zealand is an adventure the whole gang will love. With 19 nieces and nephews between us, and our own Mum, Pamela, who used to run multiple childcare centers for under 5s, we're practically experts in making sure the little ones have a blast while the grown-ups get to enjoy all the amazing experiences this beautiful country has to offer. Whether you're looking for a kid-centric vacation full of playgrounds, museums, and activities, or a more laid-back itinerary that lets you take things at your own pace, we've got you covered. We'll tailor your trip to your family's unique needs and preferences, ensuring that everyone has the time of their lives.
  • Does the written itinerary I receive replace a guidebook?
    Guidebooks can be great companions for your trip, but with our Trip Planning itineraries, you'll get even more! While we can't promise to replace your trusty guidebook entirely, our itineraries offer a wealth of information that can come in handy during your travels. Each day's itinerary includes a detailed outline of activities, essential contact information, and a route map to help you navigate your way through New Zealand. And if you're still hungry for more, we're more than happy to provide some guidebook suggestions to complement your itinerary.
  • Can you get me discounts on hotels and guides?
    Sure, we can certainly try to get you some discounts on hotels and guides. However, our main focus is to ensure that all recommendations provide good value for the money, rather than just being the cheapest option available. We understand that working within a budget is important, and we always keep this in mind when making decisions about accommodations and activities. So while we can't guarantee discounts, we can guarantee that you'll get the most out of your budget with our expert guidance.
  • We're not sure if we're ready to travel independently, but we want to explore New Zealand. Can you help?
    Absolutely! We love helping travelers explore New Zealand, whether you consider yourself an independent traveler or not. Don't worry about your level of travel experience, that's what we're here for! We'll work closely with you to understand your interests and budget, and create an itinerary that fits your style of travel. While we can't promise discounts on every hotel or guide, we promise to prioritize your budget and find options that provide great value for your money. So, sit back and relax, and let us take care of the planning so you can enjoy all the amazing experiences that New Zealand has to offer!
  • What's the difference between a travel designer and a travel agent?
    That's a great question that we get asked a lot. Well, the short answer is that the main difference lies in the business model. But if you want the long answer, let me break it down for you. As a travel designer, I specialize in all things New Zealand and can offer all the services a travel agent can, except for booking your international flights. But here's the thing: our in-depth knowledge of New Zealand goes far beyond what your local travel agent can offer. You see, travel agents make their money by booking things that offer them commissions, like hotels, cruises, flights, or tours. It's a "sell, sell, sell" approach, and their business model requires them to focus on the things that make them money. As travel designers, we take a different approach. We charge for our time and expertise, which allows us to focus on the things that matter most to you, like creating a custom itinerary that fits your specific interests and needs. We'll spend hours researching the best driving routes, recommending hidden gem restaurants, and suggesting unique accommodations that fit your style and budget. And because we don't rely on commissions, we can offer unbiased advice and recommendations that are truly in your best interest. So, if you want a truly personalised and immersive travel experience, skip the travel agent and come to us!
  • Why should I use a travel designer?
    A travel designer is an expert in crafting customised travel experiences that meet your specific needs and desires. While you could certainly plan a trip on your own, a travel designer has the knowledge, connections, and expertise to make sure that every aspect of your trip is tailored to your preferences and budget. In addition to saving you time and money, a travel designer can provide invaluable insider information about destinations, visas and passport requirements, local customs, and hidden gems that you might not discover on your own. They can also act as your advocate and personal shopper, intervening on your behalf when things go wrong and offering unique experiences and upgrades that are not available to the general public. Ultimately, using a travel designer can make your vacation stress-free, enjoyable, and memorable. With their help, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your trip knowing that every detail has been taken care of.
  • Why should I choose you?
    Living in New Zealand: Benefit from my local expertise and knowledge of how things work, including the little details, and how to navigate them. I have answers to questions about New Zealand you didn't even know you should ask. Extensive Travel Experience: I travel all over New Zealand and know where to find great hiking and biking trails, recommend unique experiences, and have detailed knowledge of all regions. I understand New Zealand's "wow" factor and ensure you experience it on your trip. Kiwi Psyche: My finger is on the pulse of the Kiwi psyche and what's going on. I use my unique processes and methods to provide the best possible recommendations for your specific trip, ensuring a personalized, high-quality, and unique experience in line with your budget and expectations. World Travel Experience: Having visited over 40 countries, I know what it's like to feel like a foreigner in a foreign land. I have tips on travel insurance, luggage, and staying connected, and make sure to keep instructions clear for you to follow. Passion for New Zealand: When I'm not working, I'm out and about experiencing New Zealand and love sharing my experiences with you and reliving my own memories through your trip highlights. Attention to Details: I spend time on details like transportation, food, festivals, and overall flow and balance of your itinerary. Many travel agents do not focus on these items as they cannot earn commissions on them. My upfront consulting fees ensure that these special inclusions will make your entire trip flow smoothly and be more memorable. Fun to Deal With: I'm fun to deal with and want you to have a great time visiting my country!
  • Can you plan trips to destinations outside of New Zealand?
    Our main focus is on planning trips within New Zealand, which keeps us very busy. However, we understand that clients often like to include other destinations, such as Fiji, Australia, or Tahiti, with their New Zealand itinerary. In some cases, we have planned trips to other destinations for clients whom we have worked with in the past. If you are interested in other destinations, we are happy to pass along your information to some friends in the travel industry that we know well and trust to provide you with a great deal when booking other destinations around the world. Our priority is always to ensure that you have the best travel experience possible, whether it is in New Zealand or elsewhere.
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