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Note: price displayed will change based on selections made


Unleash the Adventurer Within: Discover New Zealand with our Great Kiwi Surprise Trips!


Are you itching for an adventure but tired of the same old travel routines? Look no further! Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey with Great Kiwi Trips, where every step of your travel experience is shrouded in mystery until the big reveal!


The Original Surprise Kiwi Adventure

Picture this: you're all set for an incredible trip, but there's a twist – your destination is a total surprise! That's the magic of Surprise Kiwi Trips – the thrill of not knowing where you'll end up until you're on your way. It's like unwrapping a present, and New Zealand is the gift waiting to be discovered.


How Does It Work?

Great Kiwi Trips takes the stress out of travel planning and adds an extra dash of excitement. Here's how it works:


  • Travel Any Time of Year: No need to worry about the best season to visit – you can embark on your Surprise Kiwi Adventure any time of the year!

  • Suitable for All Ages: Young or young at heart, everyone can join in on the fun. Great Kiwi Trips ensures the adventure caters to all ages.

  • Trip Based on Your Travel Personality: Take a fun pre-trip survey, and the team at Great Kiwi Trips will create a personalised itinerary based on your travel personality.

  • Choose Your Budget: From cheap and cheerful, to boujee lavish luxury, you have full control over your budget, ranging from $375 to $7,000.

  • Three Different Trip Types: Select from Fly + Drive, Fly + Ride, or Road Trip – each offering a unique way to explore New Zealand.

  • Keep Your Travel Time Short: Great Kiwi Trips make sure your total travel time stays under 4 hours in any given day.

  • Now, you might wonder what's packed into this Surprise Kiwi Adventure. Here's the full scoop:

    • Pre-Booked Accommodation: Accommodations tailored to your preferences await at your surprise destination.

    • Flights and Rental Car (for Fly + Drive): Enjoy the convenience of flights and rental car arrangements taken care of for you.

    • Personalised Itinerary: A custom-made itinerary perfectly suited to your travel personality.

    • Recommendations Galore: Great Kiwi Trips provide a wealth of suggestions for things to see, do, and explore at your surprise destination.

    • Daily Activities: Expect one to two exciting activities each day – handpicked to match your budget and preferences.

    • Curated Stops: On your way to the mystery destination, enjoy curated stops (unless you've chosen Fly + Ride).

PriceFrom $345.00

Don't miss out on this extraordinary New Zealand adventure! Book now with Great Kiwi Trips and embark on a journey that will ignite your senses, leave you craving for more, and create memories to last a lifetime.



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