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Get your bucket list ready, it's time to make your dream New Zealand trip a reality

Today is a great day. It marks a day we weren't sure we would ever see again. We are so excited that we just had to share... We have just booked, and ticketed our first international ticket inbound into New Zealand for travel in December 2022! And I can confirm it felt EXHILARATING!

Since March 2020 our islands have been closed to all but New Zealand residents. Our islands are not the same without you, it's true, but let's be positive. This break has been necessary to welcome you in the best conditions in a few months time, and with a smile on our faces, as always.

We have been taking advantage of this period to fine-tune our Covid safe protocols, improve our services and look after our natural environment... So don't worry, our Kiwi paradise will be even more beautiful when you return.

We can't wait to help, so you'll find our New Zealand Trip Planning Services - Snapshot tool has been reviewed and updated. This nifty little tool is perfect for those wanting to visit New Zealand sometime in the future, but are still in the planning phase. You'll find useful tips on when to visit New Zealand, and how long to stay for. Get ideas on how to get here, and the best ways to get around New Zealand, and an initial New Zealand trip price 'guestimate'. Best of all, this part of our service is completely FREE! So give it a try, and let us know what you think of it.

Now is the time to start dreaming about your New Zealand adventure for late 2022 or even 2023. The world is reopening and we're ready to say Kia ora to the beautiful visiting faces from around the globe.

Dust off your New Zealand wish-list, get ready to connect with the best local Kiwi Travel Designers you'll ever find, and start looking forward to new travel stories!

We can't wait to be part of your journey once again.


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